I’m a simple man. Knowing how to be discreet when needed, but can also be very talkative, curious and joyful ! Passionate of photography but also a big traveler.

      Hong Kong, Morocco, Canada or even Japan… There is so much other wonderful places I want to explore and discover. I’m not ready to let my backpack and my camera! I also use my travels to meet new people and let some memories of me with my pictures.

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      My vision

      Photography, or the way I use to express myself fully within my images. A discipline which made me learn a lot: humility, never give up, observation and most of all, patience.

      When I was young, I was playing with the polaroid of my parents, and later on with the small numerical compact camera. My firsts pictures were family ones.

      I learned a lot as a member of different photography associations in Paris, in order to help and share my own experience with the other members. It has helped me to talk more about this common passion what we all had.

      Today, after 10 years of projects and practicing, I finally jumped into the adventure of being a portrait and wedding photographer. I learned a lotby becoming an entreprenor.

      My different experiences, whether in the wedding industry, portraits and corporate events, led me naturally to my actual style.

      It is important for me that people can project themselves into my pictures, and feeling the emotions of those moments, which are so important when they happened, with my own vision. Those moments out of the time and uniques are expressed in my sensitivity of photography.

      Here we are: my photographical approche for the wedding is really simple and is written in the “storytelling” style. I’m always ready, camera in the hand, while staying discreet…so much that sometimes you’re looking for me !

      In addition of that, it’s also very important to me that my couples trust me, so that I can give the best of myself. It’s with your trust and participation that we will be able to do something wonderful for your wedding, together !

      Then, I’ll bring my vision and my aesthetic in my pictures. By doing that, I’ll tell your story of your wedding day, one of the most improtant of your life, full of love, and joy, with your own touch !
      During this day, the most important people, are no one than you two !

      And, by being a very good spotter, I do everything in the spontaneity and make sure that everyone is satisfied from our shared moments. My goal is to make everyone comfortable including you, your family and friends so that anyone be stressed or confused from my pictures!

      Finally, my expression would be : “Enjoy the moment, I’ll take care of what rest !”

      It’s my belief, what I love more than everything, and my pictures talks for me.

      Let now your day be unforgettable !

      So now it’s your turn, write me some kind words about your upcoming wedding at hello@alanfolk.com or via my contact page !